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Precision Health

The precision health ecosystem in North Carolina is strong and diverse. With deep expertise in big data and bioinformatics, North Carolina is leading the way for more personalized health and health care.

North Carolina is no stranger to precision health. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center determined several years ago that the timing – nationally and locally – was right for leaders across the state to embrace this sector to accelerate its growth in NC. 

How do we define precision health?

Precision health combines data about an individual's genes, environment, and lifestyle with innovation and diverse partnerships to more precisely predict and diagnose disease, target therapies and personalize health and wellness plans.


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North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative

Our mission is to accelerate collaborative initiatives that foster research, enable providers, engage industry and empower citizens to improve health outcomes and optimize resource utilization in North Carolina.

NCPHCNorth Carolina possesses the capacity in its research and healthcare institutions, biomedical research and development capabilities, and health information technology companies to become a global leader in precision health. To help develop the state’s full potential in this important area, NCBiotech and a seminal group of committed partners established the North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative (NCPHC). By stimulating growth in the precision health sector, the NCPHC and its collaborators foster significant new innovations, create new precision health-based companies and jobs that draw investment capital to the state, all while improving the health of North Carolinians.

The steering committee of the NCPHC represents national and international leaders in precision health as well as local partners. 

View a one-page overview of the NC Precision Health Collaborative and one-page overview of Gene Therapy. 

Framework for Our Work

To achieve our vision and mission, NCPHC created the following infographic to provide a framework for our activities, partners, and outcomes. It is critical that we bring together the best clinical and technical innovation with diverse partners and necessary stakeholders for greatest impact. 

What is precision health infographic


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