Advancing transformative precision health through innovation and partnership.

Precision Health

Our mission is to accelerate collaborative initiatives that foster research, enable providers, engage industry and empower citizens to improve health outcomes and optimize resource utilization in North Carolina.

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The National Institutes of Health defines precision medicine as an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. Precision health extends the opportunities provided by the preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic elements of precision medicine to address disease and population health challenges.

Our focus on precision health expands the purview of precision medicine to capture not only new technologies – but also the variety and diversity in tools, partners (e.g., public health) and ever-advancing innovations. All of these play critical roles in the full implementation of precision healthcare.

North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative

North Carolina is no stranger to precision health. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center determined several years ago that the timing – nationally and locally – was right for leaders across the state to embrace this sector and assume leadership in it.

North Carolina possesses the capacity in its research and healthcare institutions, biomedical research and development capabilities, and information technology companies to become a global leader in precision health. To help develop the state’s full potential in this important area, NCBiotech and a seminal group of committed partners have established the North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative (NCPHC). By stimulating growth in the precision health sector, the NCPHC and its partners can foster significant new innovations, create new precision health-based companies and jobs that draw investment capital to the state, all while improving the health of North Carolinians. 

The steering committee of the NCPHC is working to secure North Carolina's leadership in this emerging sector.

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