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Contract Service Organizations

Outsourced R&D companies, commonly called contract research organizations or CROs, account for some $30 billion in annual revenue.

And North Carolina is the undisputed – and still undefeated – heavyweight champion of that world.

North Carolina is home to 150+ CSOs employing over 24,000 people within the state and tens of thousands of others around the world. These companies support pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and research institutions with a wide range of services, including biopharmaceutical development, biologic assay development, commercialization, preclinical and clinical research and clinical trials management.

North Carolina’s CRO industry is a diverse mix, from the global giants IQVIA, PPD, PRA and Syneos Health to dozens of small, targeted startups.

It’s a dynamic industry adapting to new opportunities spinning from many quarters, from informatics to precision health. Its trade group, the Association of Clinical Research Organizations, says its member companies employ some 110,000 worldwide. It’s a growing segment, approaching $30 billion a year worldwide, and making a huge impact upon North Carolina.


CSO's in NC

people employed by CSO's within NC

people employed by CSO's within NC

annual revenue
$30 billion

annual revenue

Contract Service Organizations

North Carolina's CSO sector is 150 companies, and headlined by the sector leaders. Access to all North Carolina contract service companies companies can be found on the Company Directory.

Syneos Health
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