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In the early 1980s, Genentech produced the first biotech drug – insulin. North Carolina’s leaders took note, and planted the seeds to grow a life science sector in North Carolina. In 1984, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center formed as a private, nonprofit company – the first state-funded effort to grow a state’s life science strengths.

Thirty-five years later, we have a lot to celebrate. 

A handful of companies has grown to more than 700. Major names in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and contract research have grown – and changed names – and, along with cutting-edge startup companies, now employ more than 64,500 of us. The far-reaching ripple effects of this sector support 240,000 jobs for North Carolinians.

We're producing a video series, launching a new podcast and sharing your stories - all leading up to an event where we will formally celebrate 35 years of life science in North Carolina.

NCBiotech's New Podcast: Transformation Talks

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Jim Shamp, Sound Engineer Janet Kennedy, Dr. Charles Hamner, Jr., Bill Bullock

Episode 1: 35th Anniversary Part I

The first podcast from NCBiotech gives listeners an insight into its inception from two of the organization's greatest influencers and advocates. Hear Dr. Charles Hamner, Jr. and Bill Bullock discuss what the development of NCBiotech meant for North Carolina's budding life science community.

Episode 2: 35th Anniversary Part II

The second episode of "Transformation Talks" from NCBiotech continues the conversation with Dr. Charles Hamner, Jr. and Bill Bullock about the creation of the Biotech Center and its impact on North Carolina's life science community. 

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Use the form below to tell us about your favorite memories, success stories and achievements. What has inspired you? What are some of North Carolina's most memorable accomplishments in the life sciences from the last 35 years?

Making an Impact

Below is a collection of stories about the people and companies that have been transformed by North Carolina's life science community.

Initially, the decision to move our family to North Carolina seemed like a risky move. We had no family here and no knowledge of the area except that it was saturated with life science companies and was alleged to be a "great place to raise a family". It goes without saying that we have found both of those to be very accurate. One thing we were wrong about was that we had no family here. The NC Biotech center has been integral to my development both personally and professionally and its staff, assets, and network have become as familiar as family. As I have grown and progressed I have seen what NCBC has to offer from a host of different perspectives. First, as I searched for a career path NCBC was there to help guide my decision by facilitating jobs networking groups, interest groups, and mentorship. Next, when I had discovered my passion and found a company that I could believe in, the entire NCBC team helped me to bring that company to The Park along with 15 high-paying jobs and plenty of room for growth. Once again, I found myself at the jobs networking group; however, this time I was hiring instead of job seeking! The amazing staff there went out of their way to help me show the value of RTP and open doors for me that I had never known existed. My journey is far from over but I can say, without a doubt, that I am where I am because of the inspiration, dedication, and professionalism of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Team.

Thank you all for your excellent work and dedication! Very special thank you to Sara Imhof, Laura Rowley, Doug Edgeton, Bill Bullock, Paul Ulanch, Susan Craft, and Nandini Mendu.

-Dustin Poole, Novogene


I was a beginning Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Duke in 1984 when the center (virtual at that time) started and among the first group of scientists to get grant funding through the Center.  The promise of bigger things to come than any of us could accomplish alone in our laboratories was exciting and it is great to have been able to watch it become a reality.   Spread across 3 universities, we enjoyed the opportunity to get together within the Center activities, and especially benefited from the regular meetings with our first few industry sponsors. 

Congratulations to everyone who made this possible in the first place and to the visionary leadership that the Center has been lucky to have.

-Olivera J. Finn, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

NCBiotech's 35th Anniversary Celebration

In 1984, the Biotech Center formed as a catalyst to grow North Carolina's life science strengths. Today, we celebrate the success of 700+ companies and 2,400 supporting businesses, along with the 240,000 jobs that are supported by the life sciences in North Carolina.

On November 5, we will be celebrating 35 years of life science growth in North Carolina.

Open House: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Program: 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.
Reception: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

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